Has IT job market reached saturation point?

Published: 23rd February 2008
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ACCORDING to Steven Wright, the US comedian and actor, "If you're not part
of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." While studying Chemistry
during school days, we were taught that when the solvent cannot digest more
solute, the remaining solute is the precipitate, and remains undissolved.
However, when the temperature is increased, the same disintegrated precipitate
relocates its position and becomes part of the solution. Today, this analogy
best describes the job scenario in the field of information technology. If you
are planning for you IT Certifications and exams, like MCSE Trainng, CCNA
Certification, IBM Exams Training, CompTIA Exams or other you can find useful
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During my school days, I witnessed a great score of MBAs and MBBS roaming around
jobless or less-paid. In that seemingly despicable state, my advisory board made
sure that I didn't choose any of the two careers. The rationale provided was
that the job market had reached saturation. Therefore, wanting to be on the safe
side, I decided for not-very-popular field of study of the time, computer
engineering. Not surprisingly, the electron cloud shifted towards this side of
the Ion as well, and today the saturation stage has also struck information
technology. What I would state here is that if you are behaving, as a
non-dissolvable solute for the aqua solvent, then you can never dissolve
anywhere, no matter how much you raise the temperature.

I would address the problem in the field of IT as not a result of saturation but
right education. People emerging from institutions with 6 months' training are
regarded as engineers though they don't qualify for the same. It's just like
treating nurses as doctors and calculating their heads to increase the number of
professional-doctors. A health department would definitely look at it as sheer
injustice to the noble profession of medicine. Unfortunately, there is no such
body to evaluate the worth of true professionals.

The growth in the field of computers obeys inverse square laws of physics. The
field of computers has grown in all directions. All the industry experts
throughout the world believe that there is a dearth of genuinely skilled
professionals. The similar situation prevails in our country where the software
companies require IT professionals who can develop customized applications
suited to an organization's requirements.

However, having said that the well-skilled experts are in great demand today, I
would not deny the fact that the companies have right-sized their IT staff after
a major hype in this sector. Even the companies admit that they have right-sized
their manpower but not downsized.

One of the IT professionals, Mr. Philip, a habitat of Pakistan, believes that
the US is still a very stable market as far as IT digestion is concerned. The
only negative change that has occurred in the country's job market is the
reduction in salaries. The employees are now rightly paid to meet the expense
and earning curves. The expectations of the markets were very high from the
projects that were in the minds of silicon valley gurus and high-flying business
mangers. To fulfill those unachievable targets, USA saw people being hired for
packages, as good as $80k per annum, but this over-hyped situation failed to
survive for long. The decline in salary packages was in the cards, even if the
9/11 incident was not seen as paper history.

The present job scene depicts that the graphs are balanced. As the doctors and
specialist business grads are surviving, so are the IT individuals. All they
need to do is to identify the thirst of the market and equip themselves with the
latest tools required by the industry.

All FoxPro programmers who were very good market analyzers are now coding in
visual environments on uncompromised packages, but if somebody sticks to a
business software, such as FoxPro and denies upgrading, he will be left out as a

Several local business organizations dreamed of achieving the status of a
commerce solution provider (CSP). They expected some kind of miracle to happen.
But this goal was achieved not by a big industry name but by a new company
headed by a certain Asim Qureshi, who took TCS to online transactions with some
help by Citi Bank. Quoting this example, I just want to say that there are many
areas where right brainstorming and proper investment is required. Investment
for the future is available, and is waiting for some entrepreneurs to come lift
the show.

Eschools, eNews, eCommerce, eBanking, eCulture and many other portals are yet to
be explored. The physics of my college days has taught me one more thing. The
most stable curve is a sinusoidal curve. I believe it might appear that this
sinusoid of an industry has crossed its upper peak and is approaching its lower
one, but there is always more time for the curve to recover. The IT curve and
the recession age are in their maturing period and the developers who have
poured their blood should work harder and wait for the sinusoidal session to
enter the positive scene and reach its peak.

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